How we are working

Cooperation with us

Working days / Hours: Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Weekends: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

  • lunch with a free choice of 1 hour
  • 2-4 times for 20-45 minutes of planning
  • If you write edits for longer than a day, the time for revision may be increased by another 3-5 days or the project goes into the “do it in your free time” phase.
  • In cooperation without TK or in words – 1-2 drafts are made without corrections (TK is considered to be a completed questionnaire about your project and supplemented, if necessary, with a structure or prototype).
  • Edits in the project that went beyond the scope of the original ToR: a significant change and non-specified details (by structure / functionality) or additional options – are performed for an extra charge
  • On the project, we communicate with one person, but not against conferences, if the participants have significant experience in development.
  • Comments and corrections on the layout should be constructive, for example, on the basis of analytics or within the framework of the ToR / Contract.
  • All terms are indicated without considering the time for editing
  • The start date of the work is fixed after prepayment or crediting of funds to a bank account.
  • After the start of work, the advance payment or advance payment is not refundable
  • In cooperation, the customer (or his authorized representative) is obliged to read the text (or pay copyright separately), check the content for authenticity (theme, style), perform color proofing of the layout (if necessary) before putting it into circulation. Edits after approval may be paid or increase the time for prepress.
  • The cost of photos / graphic elements / illustrations, fonts, etc. it is considered separately (not initially included), as necessary in the process of working on the project, or purchased / provided by the customer – separately. The search for “specific” material may be included in the price or affect the timing.

Free collaboration:

  • If you are our relative brother / sister / sincere friend / partner
  • If you are a charitable organization that helps children, animals – without commercial benefits, especially cats.

in other cases, at least barter or cache

We are don’t cooperate with:

  • Orders in “black list” of freelancers (delayed payment / charlatans / disbelievers in their business idea)
  • With “political” organizations
  • 18th anniversary