About our agency

The first Remote Agency in Odessa and Ukraine as a whole

We help businesses become more famous

We find the right approach to your consumers using a digital environment and offline.

We are interested in developing the right solutions for your business tasks, creating logos and corporate identity, developing web sites, developing UI / UX interfaces, drawing up a promotion strategy

We think about your users and offer great ideas.

Remote agency

We know that in order to achieve a result, we do not need to look after our employees, we trust each other – otherwise nothing. Everyone who works with us has motivation and loves what he does. Therefore, we work effectively remotely. This is a conscious choice, and besides, your budget savings – maybe a significant expense item is excluded.

Our History

There are just a few companies like us. We love the thing we do and it doesn’t matter for us what our client’s material condition is. We equally appreciate the investments put in the development and take the most of it using the most effective ways. 

We are not chasing all these brands and trends – we study them. We love honesty, quality, style, and creativeness, that is why we choose the Author’s approach based on proper marketing and effective communication with the consumer. 

Our history is about the people, that have united as associates working on one project, and now we have finished together more than a hundred of them. 

All of our specialists are not rookies or trainees-freelancers. The minimum level of our teammates is Senior, which is because the quality of our work is important for us.

Why eggplant?

Some people see an eggplant, some see an acorn or a feather… The image is multifaceted, as everything around us plays with our imagination. But this story is about an eggplant🍆.

Eggplant is a noble Odessa attribute, beloved and famous (besides it’s not a vegetable🤓) among Odessa people, as well as Eggplant caviar that has been in our hearts since childhood. This dark-fruited nightshade together with an anchor, a sailor, and cats is the unacknowledged symbol of Odessa, and in our opinion, it deserves more attention in our city⚓️. 

It would be so banal to take an anchor as a logo, it has own associations, moreover, we are united not only by the sea, seagulls and clams, but also the childish feeling, when in the summer you run back home with a fresh loaf of bread that you have just bought from the wooden stall provided by the 4th Odessa industrial bakery, and there’s the caviar in a fridge which mom has made, and you put it on a slice of bread with a crunchy crust. Something like that.) And here’s the recipe of that caviar of blue. 

Something like that.) But the recipe for the most delicious blue caviar

Cold statistics

  • 10+
    years in digital
  • 279+
    projects finished
  • 83+
  • 82+
    satisfied clients
  • 589+
    RedBull cans drunk

Our values

Upgrading all the aspects in each of our specializations.

  • Being helpful
    Responsibility and honesty
    at every stage of the project
  • Being profitable
    Analyze and determine
    the sound and cost-effective
  • Evolve
    Finding different ways
    of solving the problems.

Continue to improve constantly

  • About us
  • About us
  • About us
  • About us
there is nothing better than experience, no matter how long you have been learning

The specialization of our digital büro

We are not striving to do the thing we are not competent in, but we are not afraid of doing something new in an exploration of brand-new solutions, we are growing and improving so here is the result 

  • Marketing and promoting
    Analysis and assessment
    at all stages and processes
  • Design and graphics
    As a rational and effective
    investment in creativeness
  • Developing websites
    Building websites of
    any complexity using
    modern technologies

Cooperation and partnership

We are ready to cooperate with it-companies, production-collectives, PR companies, architectural studios, and others. If you have a deal, you are welcome to contact us.

Become a part of a team

If you are an outstanding specialist determined to replace freelance or grunt work with a new direction in the IT-sphere, you’re fed up with the routine and you are stressed with this corporative ethic, like that one which requires you to know foreign languages (even though only project manager leads the project) or to time in not a second late on the reception with these endless fines, just join us.

We treat our employees with respect and allow them to advance.  Our manager organizes everything so that everybody is as comfortable as possible. But in advance of sending the resume, check if you have the following characteristics:

  • You are 100% specialist and have reached a certain level
  • You are a fan of the thing you do 
  • You are not a yesterdays IT graduator, but you have experience working in the field for more than 5 years
  • You enjoy your work and don’t just wait for the subsequent salary increase.
  • You’re careful about details 
  • You are meticulous (in a good sense)
  • You are not afraid of super tasks
  • You always complete the job
  • You challenge the unknown and are ready to win
  • If you did not succeed you would not fall into despair 
  • If you don’t know what “I didn’t find” “I didn’t understand” “I didn’t know” is.
  • You never blame anybody in your mistakes
  • You are easy-going
  • You love or at least respect cats
  • You are always in touch even if you are on your Bali vacation
  • You are flexible and can quickly switch between different tasks
  • You are constantly learning something new
  • You are not like procrastinating your work 😏

Does it match you at least 12 points? Then send your resume on hr.orlova.agency@gmail.com – and maybe you will become a part of our team

The best
in his business

marketing and
advertisement agency
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