Contract offer

Offer from Orlova.Agency

Individual Entrepreneur Orlova M.V. (EGRPOU 39398646) hereinafter, the “Contractor”, on the one hand, publishes these Terms, which are a public offer (proposal) to create for the “Customer” on the other hand, and together referred to as the Parties, the website in accordance with the samples submitted by the Contractor, implements work on the development of web-sites, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the Terms of Reference or the customer’s questionnaire (brief), provides a full range of work on placing the site on the Internet for its management and support.

General Provisions

 1.1 These Terms in accordance with Art. 633, 647 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is a public offer (offer) of the Contractor to an indefinite circle of individuals and (or) legal entities containing the essential terms of the contract for the implementation of work.

 1.2 The full and unconditional acceptance of this offer is any action by persons who have declared their intention to use the work of the Contractor, and also have taken specific actions aimed at fulfilling the conditions specified in this offer, as well as taking other actions confirming the person’s intention to use the work, provided by the contractor.

 A fact confirming the conclusion of a public contract on the part of the Customer is that they place an order on the Contractor’s website using the contacts (phone, E-mail, Skype, instant messenger programs, etc.) specified at: https: // design- masha.com for the execution of the Contractor’s work and their subsequent payment.
1.3. The conclusion of the public contract is made by joining the Customer to the contract, i.e., by accepting (accepting) the terms of the contract as a whole by the Customer, without any conditions, exceptions and reservations.

1.4. A public contract made in the above manner is considered concluded in simple written form, does not require paperwork and is legally binding.
1.5. From the moment of acceptance, the Customer is deemed to have read and agreed to this offer and, in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, is considered to have entered into contractual relations with the Contractor in accordance with these Terms.
1.6. The Contractor’s obligations are limited by the terms of this offer, in particular, the Contractor’s obligations do not include the performance of work by the Customer to provide access to the Internet. The Customer provides access to the Internet at his own expense.
1.7. The Contractor has the right to amend or supplement these Terms at any time with or without notice to the Customers (depending on the severity of the changes). The current version of the Offer Agreement is always located on the Contractor’s website at: https://design-masha.com/dogovor-oferty.