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Website design

Website design

Website development, and in particular website design, is an event that is held with the aim of increasing user attraction to your business by creating a website with a unique, individual and productive web design.

дизайн сайта кафе

The solution that most often prompts to Order the creation of a website in Ukraine is aimed at image or prestige, improving and expanding functionality, developing your structure for further promotion, improved navigation and complete elimination of the use of templates that are available to your competitors and can be used to lower your solidity and position in search of.

We do not work with templates, especially with “losing” ones, we create unique and individual designs.

The design is made after thorough analysis, the introduction of usefulness and the necessary “sweets”, each step is analyzed from the marketing side and checked for appropriateness.

Website design or redesign?

Website redesign (website rebranding) is the modernization of an existing website. If the site works and makes a profit, but there are a number of problems – an outdated appearance, for example, the design of the site does not correspond to the current web trends and looks “sad”, “lifeless” against the background of competitors, as if it was abandoned, starts to lose traffic (users get bored , inconvenient or the site attracts them little in principle), and it is necessary to improve it or, as they say, to update the “site shell”.

How to understand the need for a redesign? To begin with, you should analyze the following factors:

  1. Does your current site look modern?
  2. Does it inspire confidence in your client?
  3. Does it fit the budget or the cost of your services? (the product is expensive, but the site looks cheap)
  4. Does the site correspond to the subject of your services? (except for creative solutions)
  5. Are there any conversion issues?
  6. Analyzing user complaints about the interface and inconveniences in the current design?
  7. Is there a mobile version? And what does the responsive version of the site look like, how convenient is it?

If there is dissatisfaction with the points above, but the technical part is suitable (this can be determined by a technical specialist after analysis), then it will be enough to redesign the site (rebrand the site).

Most often, if the technical component functions reliably, the following work is carried out:

  • Development of an updated design of the main page of the site
  • Refinement of the main page within the framework of the current functionality (if the design is fresh and suitable)
  • Modify multilingualism (create additional language versions, if the current CMS allows)
  • Add a mobile version of the site (or refinement of adaptability)
  • Renovation of the entire site in a new stylish and modern concept
  • Change individual elements of the site
  • Easy revision of the structure (add new sections, etc.)
  • Correct the site menu
  • Improve navigation

Before a redesign or design, we analyze the specifics and goals of which the company wants to achieve, first of all, for the usefulness and increasing the level of the business and increasing the conversion.

If you do not have any information about the site, the problem is with analytics, but you definitely understand that something is wrong with the site, we recommend ordering a site audit. We will analyze the current situation, advise you and help you implement the website development in the best way. 

дизайн сайта в одессе

Stages of website design creation

The elaboration of every detail is very important for creating a high-quality website design, therefore, it involves the implementation of the following stages:

  1. Preparation – briefing, discussion, prototype development. The brief is filled in, we define the business task of the project, research, analyze, generate basic ideas, work out the structure of the site, the style of the future site, usability and other details that are important for future development.
    In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  2. Creation of site layouts – the layout of the site itself is developed directly, which is being finalized in more detail, with the elaboration and testing of the final structure (including intuitive navigation), the current stage also includes the construction of layouts of mobile screens, i.e. the adaptability of the site is being worked out.
    In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  3. Approval – demonstration of the concept, verification and comparison with the task specified in the brief, revision of the main concept (if necessary).
    In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  4. Finalization – the stage ends with drawing the layouts of the main and service pages, preparing the elements for assembling the site. transfer of files for further work – layout / development of the site.

Do you need a website design?

If you want to get a unique design without using templates, get high-quality layouts from a web design specialist with a marketing look, get the best website in your niche – then this is us.

Definitely, if there is a question of improvement – Yes. This is important both for aesthetics and for increasing positions in promotion.

Does the website design or redesign (rebranding) suit you personally? The question is technical support. By ordering only the website design, you receive as a result the initial layouts (psd, sketch, etc.), and this is suitable for those who have their own layout and programming contractor.

If you do not have your own developers, then most likely you need a turnkey website development, because all the resulting layouts need to be “nicely” and correctly laid out, configured and published. And even more complexly cheaper😋, because, firstly, we are calm about the quality, and secondly, we save time on creating a style guide and preparing layouts (our own internal logistics).

In the direction of web design, we work:

  • with private customers who have their own technical specialists (front end, back end)
  • outsourced with it companies, marketing and digital agencies
  • with partner companies providing SEO services and contextual advertising

We are changing the business for the better by updating the website – you can order a new website right now or find out the cost of website design without coding

Website design and its price

The price of a website design directly depends on the total volume, the degree of uniqueness and the number of elaborated elements for the website.

How to correctly estimate the starting cost of a website design (without layout):

  • Design development from scratch from $755
    This includes the creation of the main page and basic internal ones, the final cost depends on the number of unique pages or blocks, for example, if you want to include landing pages.
  • Development of only the main one from $ 455
    Outsourcing budget project. This includes creating the main basic concept, you modify the rest of the pages yourself.
    In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  • Creating internal pages
    finalization of the site according to your concept
    from $ 25 per page or from $ 15 / hour.

For complex projects, a turnkey website (website design + adaptive layout + admin panel) is provided with a discount.

How to order a website design?

To realize the need for a website design or its updating (website restyling), if the realization has not overtaken, you can consult with our chief designer.

An experienced “designer eye” will evaluate and issue a quick audit on the main points.

A link to your current site and a comment can be sent in the chat on the left or sent in the classic way on e-mail
Applications are processed indefinitely, so if you have a very critical situation, then call in advance ☎️ (093) 528-63-59