Site and business: How to start creating a site. Important aspects

Site and business: How to start creating a site. Important aspects

Online business is one of the key areas of development of modern activities. But for it to be successful, you should create your own web resource. How to make a website? Learn more about this later.

How to find an idea and a niche for a business?

The first thing to do: come up with what is the purpose of creating the site. But at the same time, look at things realistically, without “pink glasses”. But if you want to create something very useful for people, then you need a blog. But be sure to think about how important the information will be there, what benefits it will bring.

Consider: will all of this be interesting for a potential user?

Как найти идею для бизнеса?

Do not rush and think through everything to the smallest detail, because your site should be as interesting and profitable as possible.

You should analyze the relevance in a particular region, think about the activities and basic functions of the site. Find out if the web property will have a prospect? Are the topics that he touches important? Do you need the goods that he offers?

How to analyze a niche before developing a site?

For the site to be effective and profitable, you need to find the right approach. You must consider whether your web resource will generate revenue. It is also important to determine how you are going to monetize traffic, and whether the site’s activity will be relevant in principle.

Tips for choosing an activity:

  • You should analyze how many requests for your type of activity exist. If there are very few of them, it is better to look for some other option, if we are not talking about exclusive, very expensive products.
  • Take a closer look at whether there are commercial requests that have the words “buy,” “price,” “cost,” and so on.
  • Think about whether your business will be seasonal.
  • Think of net profit. Do not forget that it is your specific profit that can be completely different. And selling very expensive products, you can get a penny. Or, in theory, you may have a big net profit, but in practice the products are not in demand. Look for the best options.
  • Learn the competition. Many niches are not just busy, but crowded. And in order to stand out and receive orders, you need to invest well in advertising, look for other ways of “promotion”. Sometimes it happens that a person spends a lot on advertising, but as a result does not sell a single product or does not receive a single order.

It’s important not just to choose something that is in demand, you need to grope for “pain” in the current market. You will find how to solve the “pain” of the client – you will find an excellent business model.


What type of website is needed?

First you need to understand who your target audience is. Think about how old your potential buyer is, where he lives, how much he can pay. Then evaluate how popular this niche is in a particular region. To understand this, you should analyze the number of requests for your product in a particular area.

Do not forget about seasonality. If you will be selling things that are needed for a particular holiday or for summer or winter, then be prepared for the fact that the relevance of such products will be as high as possible precisely in the season. At other times, you can be left without profit.

You should definitely get acquainted with competitors and analyze their “work”. It is also worth analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can come up with some ways to attract customers, for example: bonuses, promotions, discounts.

When you do all of the above procedures, you need to determine the type of site, here are the main types:

  • Catalog site or online store
    Behind the structure, these sites are similar in terms of the volume of static internal pages, too, but they have different goals. The online store is filled with a huge amount of goods and advanced functionality. You can buy them and pay immediately (most often).

    The catalog site only shows products and introduces them. There is often no functionality to buy goods (the payment system does not connect). But it’s quite realistic to leave contacts for feedback with the manager if something is interesting.
  • Corporate website
    He is able to strengthen his reputation, create a positive image. It sometimes sells goods. He gives details about the company’s activities, basic services, company growth, missions and goals, and has a very positive effect on the general atmosphere. Such a website will increase prestige and help develop corporate communication.
  • Business Card Site
    A good solution for those who are just developing. If your big business is still in development, a business card site will become an inexpensive but optimal option. While there is no concrete definition of this particular site, it is somewhat similar to corporate.
  • Landing
    This is a selling site or landing page. It aims to sell a novelty, a specific product, service. His work ends when the goal pursued in creating the landing is achieved.
  • Promotional site
    To be honest, this is one big advertisement that advertises services, brand, company, product. It is aimed at creating a positive impression of something – a new product, an action on the occasion of an anniversary, a holiday, the launch of a new brand line, and so on. The main specificity is to tell, show, interest, create an information guide and surprise.
  • Portals
    This is one of the most popular types of sites that aim to give users valuable and useful information.

    Most sites are aimed at making profits through advertising – directly or indirectly, but still pursue this very goal. The information portal is a place where you can get “spiritual food” or read the news, for example. At the start, this is a non-profit project, and requires active work and investments, but later using this site you can get “solid” income.

How to find a supplier?

In order to work it was pleasant and it was profitable, it is worth finding a supplier. To do this, you can use the search engine or attend thematic exhibitions, events. It is also real to cooperate with local manufacturers, it will be very beneficial for everyone. Do not forget that you can turn to those suppliers who work with competitors.

Choose a supplier very carefully, he must be responsible, honest and reliable.

In the current realities, it is possible to work through the dropshipping system, which eliminates the cost of purchasing a large number of goods and maintaining the warehouse.

Company name and site domain

Come up with a sonorous and interesting naming (company name). If it is not, then it is quite realistic to order, especially if you are determined to register a trademark. But think carefully before you name your site “in a hurry.” A lot depends on the “juicy” name. By the way, the name should be unique and inimitable so that you are not confused with anyone. Yes, and associations should arise only positive

But you need to hurry, because all the most beautiful names are registered every day. After choosing a company name, you can begin to select a domain name. The domain zone is also important. Domain name – you can rent or create one yourself, it should not be too long and complicated, for example: kondicioneri-i-ventilaycia.odessa.ua is much worse than airmaster.od.ua, which has a better chance of being remembered, should also not contain complex combinations of letters in transliteration. Do not hesitate – most short domains are already taken. If you are experiencing difficulty, it is better to contact the professionals who create naming, they will find you a name and a suitable domain.

Before renting a domain, find out if it falls under the filter and how clear its “history” is. You can find out using the ahrefs.com service, otherwise you just spend your money in vain, and most importantly – your time.

Logo for the site

A logo is needed to increase attention to a brand or company. Adds confidence and positive perception. We can say that this is “+ into karma” and memorability. Only at the beginning you need to come up with a name 🙃 → How to come up with a name for a business?

Site and semantics

The semantic core is those phrases and words that most accurately characterize your products or services that your site sells. Proper semantics will help develop the site and get good sales. Use experience and expertise to gather semantics. If you have no experience, try Google’s keyword planner or other professional programs. Of course, do not forget about specialized agencies that will help to assemble a high-quality semantic core.

Much depends on correctly selected keywords, so do not ignore this important point.

Design and structure: what you need to know?

The site should be built logically, divided into blocks, sections, subsections. All pages should also be clear, with the correct construction of the site and the right message. The logical structure of the site creates a positive impression for the client and helps to sell better.

Pages that are devoted to goods and services should have a logical structure. At the very beginning, place a photo, description, price. And then there must be calls for a purchase.

Website design is the very first thing a client sees, and it should be “tasty”: cool, stylish, enjoyable, reflect your ideology and emphasize it. In order for you to succeed, you need:

  • Choose the right tones and combine them correctly.
    How to choose the color of the site.
  • Choose fonts that are most suitable for the direction and mood of the site. Percentage of font size and headings according to the rules of typography or according to a harmonious ratio, but do not choose a very small size for plain text.
  • Enjoy user experience. Use UX factors for this. You must understand for yourself how convenient it is not only for you personally, but also for the client who will use the site.
  • Create your own style and match it. Any well-known company has a distinctive style, thanks to which it is recognized. Come up with your own! Do not use templates – respect your business.

👉 A frequent question: “Where can I get the references?”, Everywhere, just google it, but remember that completely copied work is not just “plagiarism”, it is second-rate and equates to standardization, and search engines don’t really like “clones” and we, too .

Layout and content

It is necessary to make up the site correctly so that it is not just a picture, but a really beautiful and colorful informative site. It may look different on different browsers. Therefore, when layout, consider cross-browser compatibility. Also do not forget about the adaptive version for mobile – this is important, because Google has long ago introduced the technology of “mobile first” and without a good mobile version of the site will underestimate the ranking in search results.

After everything is done, do not forget to check how each button works, the link, pop-ups (if any), sending data from forms and subscriptions. It’s best if your site is conveniently displayed on any device and top browser: Chrome, safari, opera.

Be sure to fill the site with useful, interesting content; it should be seo-optimized not only for “search robots”. At the same time, do not forget that you must have a cool product or service, and all texts written for people and satisfy their needs – follow LSI copywriting.

Creating a site – at first glance, it seems not difficult. But think about it being unique in its way, unusual and truly useful. And then everything will be fine.

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