дизайн и разработка упаковки profiglove

ProfiGlove glove packaging design

For the ProfiGlove brand, which produces medical gloves, our company has developed a package design for examination gloves.

We provided support for the layout from concept to implementation, eliminating technical errors in production.

Set for product line:

  • Latex (size S, L, M, XL) / Latex gloves
  • Latex High Risk (size S, L, M, XL)
  • Nitrile Black (size S, L, M, XL) / Nitrile gloves
  • Nitrile Blue (size S, L, M, XL)

packaging design

In addition to the line for a series of small boxes for retail, a large container (cartons / box) has also been developed for transporting and storing products.

Photo creation for using in advertising:

дизайн упаковки profiglove

Photo of the finished product as is

дизайн упаковки profiglove