How to write a successful landing page text

A landing page is a site that consists of one page. During the creation or design Landing, many points are taken into account to make it successful. It is important that the client does not close the resource a few minutes after viewing, but familiarizes himself with the company’s offer, leaves contacts for communication. There are a number of aspects that will help to create a really working page.

Take into account the opinions and preferences of the target audience

Landing should interest the user in the first seconds. It is necessary that the client makes an order or leaves his data during the first acquaintance with the page. The target audience is divided into three types – cold, warm, hot. Each requires a separate approach. When you decide to order a landing page, you should determine who will use it.

Cold audience – those who are interested, but do not yet feel the need for the product.

They do not search, do not understand why it is needed. For such users, demand is created, they help to understand the problem, and they are interested. It is not necessary to sell from the first second, it is better to determine how the offer is useful, how it works, solves problems that a person might not have thought about before.

The warm audience includes people who have realized their need, are looking for a solution, but do not yet know which one will be the best. At this stage, the user compares the services of a particular company with competitors. The main task here is to prove that your option is advantageously different from others, is the best. A successful landing page highlights all the benefits offered to the buyer. You should not sell a specific thing, but a solution with its help.

The hot audience includes visitors who already know exactly what they want and are looking for a performer. In this case, they compare the company with its direct competitors. In this case, there is no need to prepare the user for the purchase, because he is already going to purchase. It is worth explaining how your company is better than others, rather than promoting a specific offer. A potential client wants to know about the terms of cooperation, prices, etc.

Give an explanation already on the first screen

It meets the user who enters the site. The visitor should get all the necessary information – what is the company or product, what are its features, how will it help. It should not be expected that the reader will understand everything on his own, wasting time. Most Internet users spend about a minute or less on uninteresting, unattractive sites.

A good screen is made concrete, meeting the client’s requirements. The opinion is formulated in such a way as to convey all the information about the purpose and benefits. Already at the top of the page is placed what the user wants to see. So he will immediately make sure that he went where he wanted. When there is already a ready-made solution to the problem, a person will not look elsewhere.

Divide the landing into several short blocks

It is necessary to predict the behavior of an ordinary user on the Internet. Almost no one reads the texts posted on the sites to the end. In such cases, people rarely think about what they read. Most often, they just run through their eyes. Pay attention only to certain elements, usually the most contrasting, visible against the background of others. A solid canvas of text will definitely not attract the user’s attention.

Because of this, a successful design of a one-page site involves dividing it into blocks, focusing attention on the most important points. Sentences should be short, to the point, without unnecessary words that do not explain the essence. Let the individual parts appear in sequence as the person scrolls down the page. Then interest will gradually arise and increase.

Communicate with the audience – they will tell you what to write about

A good page builder communicates with potential buyers to understand their existing needs. You should not think that there is always complete mutual understanding between you. Interests change over time, so it is necessary to constantly maintain a dialogue in order to always have up-to-date knowledge. Proposals about audience needs can be formulated in the form of hypotheses. There are several ways to find out about them:

  • conduct an interview. You can arrange to speak with several clients, and in the process find out everything you want to know. It is necessary to clarify more data about their experiences, needs, problems that need to be solved. It is not necessary to meet in person, it is best to use messengers;
  • launch a survey. It can be a short letter with basic questions. Questionnaires are distributed in the company’s offices or stores. Many owners of landing pages use social networks, e-mail;
  • collect questions from sales and technical support. The former know best about the needs of the users, the ways that will help to satisfy them. Technical support specialists will talk about problems that arise during use;
  • conduct a survey on Facebook, Instagram. Where there are many subscribers, ask questions, offer options for answers with voting. This is the best way to quickly collect the necessary information;
  • analyze call records. Yes, it is easier to remember what the client is worried about customers, listen to positive and negative reviews, find out the reasons why they refused to buy.

User reviews and comments will help.

Add key points

The structure of the landing page should be simple, but accurate and concise. Let her answer the questions:

  • what we do;
  • what tasks are we solving;
  • how it works;
  • why our offer is better than analogues;

evidence of the previous.

A call to action is added at the end. That is, they encourage the user to leave contacts, go to the store, post a promise to call back as soon as possible.

Accent to specifics, not abstractions

The latter refers to words and expressions that do not carry any semantic load. It can be expensive or cheap, fast, high-quality. From these words, you cannot understand specific things about products, because they can be attributed to any product or service. In order to assure, encourage the user to contact you, you will need as many specifics as possible.

For example, words about an individual approach can be replaced by the fact that a separate manager works with each client. Instead of a short message about the high professionalism of the employees, it is better to write where the specialists studied and gained practical experience. This information will help the reader to accurately understand the features of the company and products, distinguish them from competitors.

Add sensory experience

When a person looks at an assortment online, they cannot touch it. Effectively create the illusion of close contact. A site for sales should make it possible for a person to feel like a buyer of a specific thing. The emotional component will help here, forming the idea that the customer is already using the product. To do this, show a photo, add detailed descriptions of work, results in different situations.

Show more than tell

A modern Internet user perceives visual information better than textual information. Therefore, pictures are of great importance. Instead of paragraphs of description, it is enough to add only one, but accurate and high-quality image. Let’s say it’s about an ultrabook. Instead of indicating the thickness in millimeters, it is better to show it visually – as an option, in comparison with a coin. An even better and more correct solution would be to add a video.

When selling a virtual product, for example, some application, instead of a photo, they add screenshots or record a video of the process of use. The video will not take up much space, it is enough to convert the finished file into gif format. This approach will help the potential client immediately see the action and evaluate the results. He will know for sure whether to buy, and will make an appropriate decision sooner.

Think about the goal

At the bottom of the page there is a callback form, company information, links to social media pages, etc. The target action is selected so that each subsequent step is a regularity. Cheap, simple offers sell instantly. A person will definitely decide to buy if he does not have to deal with the product for a long time. It is enough just to call her to the store, encourage her to buy or leave a request on the website for an order.

In the case of an expensive, complex product, it is better to come from afar. It will take more time for the customer to decide to make a purchase, so prepare them for this. It is necessary not only to explain the advantages in detail, but also to provide a test version of the service, an opportunity to familiarize yourself with it in person. You can offer to calculate the cost using an online calculator. A video demonstration will also be a good solution.

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